Terms of service: Polish Company Import

Effective from: May 25th, 2019.

  1. Polish Company Import is an extension for the Basic CRM module which allows to check and import data from national registers to Basic CRM, and then storing and processing these data in the basic module. The information is retrieved by entering the VAT number (tax identification number). 
  2. The Polish company import module is not a stand-alone module and works only with the active Basic CRM module.
  3. The data source is the Central Statistical Office in Poland (GUS)
  4. The service is available as query packages and charged for each query requested to the database. Available amount of remaining queries is called the credit balance.
  5. When the service has the status Active – every fill in of non-empty value in the query form window and pressing the button Load or Enter, is called sending a request. The answer to the request is presented in the form of text information.
  6. Sending a query returns the following messages: “Bad VAT number” (incorrect control number – VAT number is checked in terms of number construction), “Record not found” – VAT number is structured correctly, however there is no entity with this VAT number. If the tax identification number is correct and the entity with this number exists, in response we will receive information about the entity, including the current status of the activity.
  7. If the credit balance is greater than zero, each time a request is sent, the number of available requests is reduced by one.
  8. The service become inactive when the number of requests (credit balance) on a given Customer Account is 0 (zero).
  9. The service provider does not provide the entire database (copies to be downloaded) as part of providing this service.
  10. The maximum frequency of sending queries is 5 queries per second.
  11. If the queries are executed more frequently, the service may respond with the error code: “Server busy”.
  12. If you send a request terminated by a “Server busy” or “Server timeout error” – the balance of available queries is not reduced. 
  13. The service provider is not responsible for the quality of data provided by the Central Statistical Office and for unavailability caused by the failure of the GUS IT systems. In that case, sending a query does not reduce the balance of queries.

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