PEP Screening Tool

Who is PEP?

PEP is an acronym for Politically Exposed Person, which describes a person occupying a politically exposed position.
The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 require specific precautions while cooperation with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

The description of positions covered by the PEP term is included in the PEP Job List available on the portal.

How to check if a person with a given name is PEP?

We can, of course, verify on our own whether the person fits any of the positions provided in the regulations or request a written statement from the person about the PEP status, but these practices are subject to significant shortcomings, and their application raises serious doubts.

First of all – each time the PEP status is verified independently, it takes a lot of time and requires precise knowledge of the law, in particular AML, central and local administration.

Secondly – very often the interested people themselves do not have knowledge or have a false belief whether they are PEPs or not, which we have extensively written about in a series of publications.

Person verification on PEP lists

To meet these problems, in cooperation with the best law specialists, we have prepared a PEP status verification service in the form of a computer program available on our platform.

Software for mass and automatic PEP status verification – PEP List as a service

The PEP List module allows you to check the status of a person in our constantly updated database of politically exposed persons.
The PEP status is checked by entering the first name and surname of the verified person.

If the person is on the PEP list, you will receive a confirmation with the position held, and if the person is not on the list – the answer will be negative. Each query allows you to download the report in pdf format.

In the case of positive verification (is PEP), additional information may be provided:

  • Country where the person holds the exposed position / political position,
  • Birth place,
  • Second name,
  • PEP category,
  • Description of the held position.
The result of the automatic verification of the PEP status

Access to the PEP list module is both via this analytical platform (Web Application) and API (REST JSON) in the form of a credit package
(it is charged for each query to database – as a part of purchased package) or in the form of fixed-term access to a service (prepaid).

In order to test the service – we provide a free DEMO packet of 5 request.

Main features of the PEP status list module :

  • Checking PEP status based on first and last name,
  • Downloading a PDF report confirming the PEP status of client,
  • Presenting the position of PEP,
  • Presenting the PEP category – according to the AML Act,
  • Easy integration with verification on sanction lists,
  • The possibility of integration by the API.

The PEP List module is:

  • A search tool that checks a given person has PEP status,
  • A tool for generating a PDF report from the verification,
  • A tool that meets the requirements of the AML Act,
  • AML and KYC tool compliant with the GDPR.

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