Terms of service: CRBR Import

Effective from: May 21th, 2020.

  1. CRBR import is an independent module and an extension of the basic CRM Base module as well, which allows downloading data from the register of actual beneficiaries based on the Polish VAT number, and the storage and processing of this data using the CRM Base module.
  2. The CRBR import function is included in the UBO register menu as “UBO import”. It can also be connected to the CRM Base module.
  3. The source of data is the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficiaries.
  4. The service is available as query packages and charged for each query requested to the database within the available Balance of queries or in the form of unlimited access for a specified period *.
  5. When the service has the status Active – each time the “Verify now” button is pressed with a non-empty database or the configuration of downloading data from a file, it is called Sending a query, which is immediately answered in the form of text information.
  6. Sending a query returns the following messages: “Bad VAT number” (incorrect check number – VAT number is checked for building the number), “No information in CRBR” – NIP number is correctly constructed, however the entity with this VAT number does not exist in the CRBR register. If the VAT number is correct and the entity with this number is in the register, in response we will receive information about the entity including the list of actual beneficiaries and company representation, if such data has been provided to the register.
  7. If the credit balance is greater than zero, each time a request is sent, the number of available requests is reduced by the number of NIP numbers checked.
  8.  If you have an active temporary license, the balance of queries does not change.
  9. The service becomes inactive when the number of requests (credit balance) on a given Customer Account is 0 (zero).
  10. The service provider does not provide the entire database (copies to be downloaded) as part of providing this service.
  11. The maximum frequency of sending queries is 5 queries per second.
  12. If the queries are executed more frequently, the service may respond with the error code: “Server busy”.
  13. If you send a request terminated by a “Server busy” or “Server timeout error” – the balance of available queries is not reduced. 
  14. The service provider is not responsible for the quality of data provided by the  Central Register of Ultimate Beneficiaries and for unavailability caused by the failure of the CRBR IT systems. In that case, sending a query does not reduce the balance of queries.

 *- access for a definite period with no call limit – above 20,000 queries / month the service will still be active, however, to ensure service continuity, the waiting time for response may be extended to 30 seconds.

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