Terms of service: PEP Verification Log

Effective from: March 1st, 2019.

  1. The PEP verification log service allows you to review the history of queries whether a person occupies a prominent political position in an internal PEP person database, hereinafter referred to as the “PEP Database” according to the EU AML IV Directive regulations (2015/849). It allows to download individual reports of last 100 queries in PDF format as well as monthly reports from these queries in PDF or CSV format.
  2. PEP  Database contains information about people with PEP status in the Republic of Poland and abroad (EU) 
  3. The service is available as a web application on the HyperFlow platform.
  4. The service is available for a specified period, purchased as a fixed-term access, started from the day, the service was activated.
  5. When the status of the module is active, the history of the last 100 queries is available and you can download the monthly report of the queries in CSV or PDF format.
  6. The service is not limited by the number of downloaded reports.
  7. The access to service ends when the time specified by the purchased license expires, counted from the day of activation of the service.
  8. Periods of purchased licenses add up. The purchase of a license for the next period at the moment the service is active, extends the activity of service  for a period of time specified in the purchased license, counted from the time the previous service activity expires.
  9. The service provider does not provide the entire PEP list (copies to be downloaded) as part of providing this service.

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