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Hyperflow is an excellent service platform with a very wide application in business, finance, KYC, AML, data quality, compliance, risk analysis, etc. We offer complete applications with user interface in the SaS model and middleware components, such as API, which can be used in own IT solutions.

All of our services and data are available in a single, integrated cloud environment that can provide unique synergy by combining data flows from multiple sources for even better streaming data analysis.

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AML & CFT Solutions

We offer a number of IT solutions for obligated institutions covered by Directive (EU) 2015/849 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2015. AML solutions are used, among others, by: banks, leasing companies, factoring companies, insurance companies, notaries, brokerage houses , fin-techs, payment companies, currency exchange offices, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.

PEP Lists

PEP registers cover politically exposed persons, for whom increased financial security measures should be applied.

Our tools for automated, mass verification on PEP lists allow you to quickly identify such people. The software, we offer, has integrating mechanisms, API access, the ability to use a web application and report generator.

The program for handling PEP lists is available in the Cloud Services (SaaS) model – as a service.

Sanctions Lists

One of the key stages of screening a client (person or organization) is verification whether a given entity or person has been included on sanctions lists published by institutions such as the United Nations, the European Commission or the US Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Our software allows for instant and mass verification of entities and persons on all the above-mentioned lists – providing detailed information on the sanctions imposed.

A program for handling sanctions lists is available in the Cloud Services (SaaS) model – as a service.

AML Scanner

One screening tool for PEP and sanctions screening. It is a complex tool for verifying companies, organizations and people.

Meet the requirements of the EU AML directives thanks to our solution.

This tool allows for batch and automated verification of entities and people on the sanctions and PEP lists – providing detailed information about the sanctions imposed and the position held, if the person has a Politically Exposed Person status

The system performs background verification, allowing you to work freely with other tools on the platform.

The AML Scanner is available in the Cloud Services (SaaS) model – as a service.

Know Your Customer

The Hyperflow platform integrates a number of public registers such as the Polish Central Statistical Office, the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries or VIES, enabling the acquisition of up-to-date and reliable information on business entities.

This data can be used for risk analysis, detection of changes both in the context of AML and the normal operational activities of the company.

Polish Vat Scanner – Enterprise screening

One tool allows for automatic and mass handling of Polish registers: the White List of VAT, data from the REGON database and the EU VAT information system – VIES.

In a few seconds we can download the company’s bank accounts registered in the Polish VAT register, EU VAT status, registration data from the Central Statistical Office database.

We support the flat file of the White List of VAT of the Ministry of Finance, thanks to which the NRB verification is fast and unlimited.

We provide the ability to export data and full API support along with extensive documentation and implementation scenarios.

The company screening program is available in the Cloud Services (SaaS) model – as a service.

Monitoring of registry data

Imagine a tool that verifies the business entities you work with on a daily basis and provides you – in the form of e-mail reports – any changes that have been detected in public registers – e.g. a change of the company’s registered office address.

Additionally, if you want to know if your supplier has not suspended or closed the business or has not been removed from the VAT register – our offer is just for you.

Our services are also used by leasing and factoring companies, whose interest is the periodic verification of lessees and factors and their suppliers.

Company monitoring program is available in the Cloud Services (SaaS) model – as a service.