Know Your Customer

When we run a business, we establish a lot of business relationships with customers and suppliers of goods or services. It is in the interest of the entrepreneur to verify the reliability and honesty of the contractor with whom he cooperates.

The concept of KYC or Know Your Customer relates to the processes and methodology of classifying and verifying contractors.

One of the many aspects that should be taken into account when establishing a relationship with a client is checking the correctness of the contractor’s registration data and monitoring any changes during the cooperation.

As the company grows, the number of customers and suppliers we deal with increases. At a certain stage of the company’s development – a large number of cooperating entities is a challenge for the effective evaluation and monitoring of their data, both of companies and related persons.

In such a situation, it is worth considering the use of IT tools – computer systems supporting and automating the process of monitoring changes in contractor data.

In our offer you will find a number of solutions allowing for fully maintenance-free and mass monitoring of changes in the data of your contractors in various public registers.

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